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May I introduce myself? Chiaradina!

Yoga is my life! – Welcome to Yin Yoga Wien!

I am a wholeheartedly passionate Yoga teacher and understand the art of Yoga as a “living prayer”: all our actions (that are usually based on thoughts, feelings and intentions) are a vivid expression of the consciousness we hold.

To me, it is not what we are doing – and by that I mean how advanced or challenging our asana practice gets – but more how we are doing it: what kind of energy are we infusing our practice – or in general – our movements with? Are we devotional? Are we present and aware?

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Can we move in such a way that our gestures, posture, demeanor become unique to us and are felt in the present moment no matter how often we have executed this specific movement?

The essential goal of either the physical practice of asanas or meditation (as a mediating process of communication between specific levels of our being) is quite simple: They enable us to enter the realization of self-respect, humility, infinite love and gratitude that will shape the experience of the greater whole always serving us – same as we serve life – as long as we are striving to move from center and live a heart-centered existence, keeping the communication and exchange with our divine guidance vibrant and down to earth!

That’s the foundation for a self-empowered, spiritual life.

Let´s yoke it guys, let´s yoga! – Let the Yin Zen you!


Teacher Feedback:

YIN YOGA WIEN - YOGA BADEN - Chiaradina Teacher Feedback
“Chiaradina, congratulations for passing the Final with flying colors, and blowing me away with your in-depth understanding of this style, and yoga in general. I think yours is the most synthesised comprehension, on a mental, physical and spiritual level of any teacher I have trained. You have managed to import a sense of fun, flow and play what could otherwise be a thoroughly informational, yet dry understanding of the way the body works. To be able to infuse technical knowledge with the transformational fires of tapas is something that only rarely teachers can do.
And you can. I am honored to certify you in this style and look forward to the wonderful things you will continue to do with your students as you move forward from here!”
– Sadie Nardini

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