Advanced Yin Yoga Poses – Demonstration

My friend and Yin Yoga peer Julie Sanford and I are happy to present to you a full Yin Yoga class that shows the advanced Yin Yoga poses next to the standard version of Yin Yoga asanas.

For all of the here presented videos its required to already have some experience with Yoga in order for you to practice with us. If you feel pain or any uncomfortable sensation in a body part or joint, its better to get out of the pose slowly and stop for today. This video is no replacement for learning Yoga from a certified teacher.

Especially Yin Yoga is no “race” where you try to get to a certain place as quickly as you can. Listen to your body and practice mindfully.

As you will be able to see (and hear) – having two people talk about their reasons for doing what they are doing and getting into the details about what is actually going on within them will be tremendously enlightening and inspiring for your own practice of yin and the way you (will begin to) experiment with it. Every transition in-between poses becomes an opportunity to re-evaluate and integrate what has been happening and is going on right now and – as a consequence – where your inner guide will lead you to today. Yin Yoga is never boring because – as with all Yang forms of Yoga – no practice is the same, ever.

I invite you to dive into the presented content of to your heart’s content .. There’s a lot to discover! I invite you wholeheartedly to join the Yin Yoga Wien community and stay informed about my latest news regarding Yin Yoga!


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