Yin Yoga Classes Baden

Yin Yoga Klassen Baden
Yin is essential and takes you deep! No matter if you´re just beginning and especially if you are already practising other Yang forms of Yoga for quite a while – give it a try! It´s effect on your whole being will let you ask yourself how you ever could have lived without it!

Timetable Yin Yoga Classes Baden


7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Helenenstraße 44
2500 Baden


Yin Yoga Classes Baden 1
5:30 PM bis 7:00 PM
Helenenstraße 44
2500 Baden

Description of class

Yin Yoga Asana are mainly seated. We stay in them for an extended period of time (3 -5 min.). My professional supervision ensures, that every pose can be adapted to the individual needs of your body. This will give you the maximum benefit of the pose according to your personal bone & joint structure. This arriving in your own being is accompanied by soft music that will support you in your meditation and presence.

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How to find us

Yin Yoga Classes Baden our room H44
Our Yoga Room is situated in a mansion/Seminarzentrum H44 in Baden (between Strandbad and viaduct towards Helenental on the right side).

Yin Yoga Classes Baden - Raum 2
Please enter the properties garden and walk the path next to the house to the back. The entrance is on your left side.

Arrive approximately 15 – 10 minutes before we start so you have time to change and arrive.

You can use our yogabolsters, -belts & -blocks for free. Please bring your own mat if you have one as I only have a couple of mats for rent. Namasté.

Helenenstraße 44, 2500 Baden

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Prices & Conditions

Come as you find time and take the class.

Want to get to know us? Come and give us a try!
Valid at first visit for new customers!

10-er PASS FIX: EURO 165.-
10 successive Weeks 1 evening/course
+ 1 session FREE!
valid for stated time period:
WEDNESDAY 25th of January – WEDNESDAY 5th of April 2017 or
THURSDAY 26th of January – Thursday 6th of April 2017

10-er FULL FREEDOM: EURO 175.-
10 Yoga Classes of your choice.
Valid for 6 months after first visit.

10 successive Weeks 2 classes/courses of your choice
+ 2 sessions FREE! Best of both worlds – vinyasa flow & yin yoga!
valid for stated time period:
MONDAY 23rd of January – Thursday 6th of April 2017

Missed sessions of courses (“FIX” & “DOUBLE WHAMMIE”) cannot be refunded, transferred to another person or day.

FULL FREEDOM passes have to be used up within the stated time period (6 months after first visit with pass) Sessions that were not taken cannot be refunded.

Thank you for your understanding.

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On & off the mat: Yin Yoga in daily life!

Yin Yoga Interview - Yin Yoga Wien - Yin Yoga Baden

Routine and Pathway to presence & Mindfulness: Yin Yoga in daily life!

Jeanette Fuchs, founder and CEO of yogaretreats.at took the time to ask me a couple of questions about Yin Yoga in daily life when I recently visited Salzburg, teaching a couple of masterclasses @ YOGA PLACE Salzburg. What exactly defines a Yin attitude in daily life? How can we tune down and arrive – despite the overstimulation with information and tasks that we are being bombarded with day in day out?

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Skeletal Variations – Goodbye “One fits All”!


Skeletal Variations – Why are they important for our practice?

Everyone that started a dedicated Yoga practice has experienced that the journey consists of euphoric highs (“Oh my god, I could do the pose!”) as well as frustrating lows (“I seem not to progress at all – why?”). We are encouraged to seize poses to discover ourselves and become free to move without restrictions. Due to Instagram & Co we also soon acquire a “pretty much” clear picture about how poses “should” look.

When practicing, reality looks sometimes somewhat different from the ideal depicted in Yoga Journal. For us, that can become an emotional problem.

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Fascia – being in the flow, effortlessly

Yin Yoga Wien Faszien

Fascia: A short encyclopaedia of the subtle threads of life!

“Feeling good” is one of the most important goals of our yoga practice, our therapy or training. Usually we associate great mental clarity and emotional ease with the state of “being in the flow” – a way of being that allows for mastering challenges harmoniously in a focused way.

What is holistically happening on the physical level when we can live our life from this state? What kind of structures in the body support and influence this form of wellbeing?

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Plantar fasciitis & Yin Yoga: Supporting Healing


Plantar fasciitis & Yin Yoga

Plantar fasciitis (say: plant-er fash-ee-eye-tis) is a disorder that results in typically sharp and unilateral pain in the heel and bottom of the foot, which can worsen by bearing weight on the heel after long periods of rest.

The pain is usually caused by COLLAGEN DEGENERATION (Myxomatous degeneration which is sometimes misnamed “chronic inflammation”) at the origin of the plantar fascia at the medial tubercle of the calcaneus.

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Yang Aspects of Yin Yoga

YIN YOGA WIEN Dynamik aus der Stille

When doing Yin, we enter the silence of new immer spaces. What how can an inner, wider space serve us if we do no bring our guidance and inspiration outward?

Here’s where the dynamic aspects of Yin Yoga come into play: out of stillness, dynamic movement – to bring our potential outward – knowing, that what we have discovered internally wants to be rediscovered, experienced on the outside, in fact, needs to be found!

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The Squat Song – Denise Kaufman

Yin Yoga Denise Kaufman

Ready, set, squat!

The Squat Song is all about .. “squatting” – right! “To get down to it” and squat is barely happening in the modern, western world. Sitting on chairs and lounging on couches has sacrificed not only to be in contact with the healing energies of Mother Earth and our roots, but also neglects our sacroiliac joint and the healthy workout it gets by squatting!
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