Essential Poses of Yin – HANUMANASANA

Hanumanasana is a version of Dragon Pose and usually causes deep emotional reactions in people. We connect the “splits”, as this pose is also called in a more casual way, with images of ballerinas and dancers and their grace and flexibility. A lot of Yogi(ni)s work with great discipline on being able to do this pose. What is essential to know: For being able to do the “perfect” split, we need to have a certain bone structure in our hip joints that will allow for us to do so!

When practising, it is highly important to respect the yamas: “First thing is: DO NO HARM!” AHIMSA – conduct without violence. Especially if we are very passionate about this pose, we should keep this simple rule in mind and ideally know about our own bone structure.

What is one of the most important characteristics of this pose? The deep opening for the hip flexors of the back leg (psoas und Iliacus). Very often a more gentle, preparatory stage of Hanumanasana can have the same effect and support us with reaching the same goal – deep work – with a greater amount of self love and self respect.

Hanumanasana Variation - Parivrtta Ardha
Parivrtta Ardha Hanumanasana – “Splitting it up”, half way – here in a twisted version – can support us with reaching the same goal of opening the backs of our back leg and the front of our hip in a safe, gentle way!

In all Yin Yoga poses, shifts of our gravitational alignment cause different activations. Are we leaning forward over our leg or are we sitting upright? Yin Yoga encourages us to feel what is going on within us – no matter if we are in the preparatory stage or the full pose. What are we actually activating as we shift gently? This teaches us to work in a self-empowered way by experience. Especially if we practice in a group of yogi(ni)s and are exchanging post class we will find, that some of us feel poses in a similar way, while others will have the exact opposite experience and sensation in poses.

Hanumanasana Yin Yoga Asana
Hanumanasana – Getting ready to leap AND stay relaxed while doing so! Are we able to “bridge the gap” and stay calm at the same time?

The more we know about the anatomical structures of our bodies and the multitude of variations they can form, the easier it will be for us to let go of “comparison of imagined spiritual progress”, hence self-centered judgment. We return to embrace our own heart desire of becoming a better person, of healing, being able to perceive the world in its variety of colors..

Yin Yoga Wien Hanumanasana
Have fun taking your next, big steps in life! Love – all ways!