Essential Poses of Yin – SQUATS

Squats offer a lot of advantages: they help to decompress the lower back, which often – depending which job we have – has to put up with a lot of pressure from hours of sitting in chairs or standing.

Bringing the humerus closer to the torso and keep it there for an extended period of time, not only brings us back “down to earth” but also enables us to recover range of motions we lost by sitting on chairs – where the angle between humerus and torso NEVER extends beyond 90 degrees. That’s why squats are such a superb hip opener and also help with strengthening our ankle joint.

Also for women squats can be tremendously healing: be it right before our period, when many of us suffer from lower back pain, or as we prepare for the big event of birth – squats support the body in a wholesome, healing way.

Squats Mariahilferstrasse Yin Yoga Wien
My first Yin enthusiasts 2012 post class, Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna! Squatting everywhere! 🙂

Squats never should cause any pain, especially in the knee joint! If the hips have not been sufficiently opened, using blocks under your heels as well as experimenting with the rotation of your feet can be of huge assistance in the pose. When recovering from serious knee injuries, it’s probably advisable to stop squatting when being upright and chose the less weight-bearing version on the wall. Lying flat, our knee joints is subjected to lesser gravitational forces, and this might be more beneficial for us at this time in our practise.

Yin Yoga in Baden - Squats
Squats on a trunk! Charlie´s Angels Mudra included 🙂 We are super heroes ! 😉

Especially if you should ever experience knee pain during a squat, make sure that your toes and knees are pointing in the same direction. If the knees tend to fall in over time due to a lack of awareness, regroup and use your elbows to keep them pointing outward. Also be willing to use the previously mentioned props such as bolsters, blocks and the like. in Yin Yoga, we want to make sure that we can stay long in a pose such as the squat while being completely relaxed. When you need to strain while being in a pose, you actually might prevent the desired opening that you are looking for from actually happening.

Happy Squatting! And if you like Yin Yoga, why not check out the dynamic version of yoga I offer: you find everything about my Vinyasa Flow classes on my homepage! Flow with us!

Squats - Möglichkeit Loszulassen - Yin Yoga Wien
Squats – after some time and some experience with this pose, deep peace during practise is a given!