Fascial Relaxation Passive Yin Yoga

Fascial Relaxation through Passive Yin – Allowing to be relaxed, being more efficient


“LET GO AND FIND THE ZEN” – Fascial relaxation is all about .. being completely passive.

In our 60 minutes session together we will take our time to explore the 4 quadrants of your lower body, entering the various MYOFASCIAL PATHWAYS and the MERIDIANS that are connected to. I will slowly take you deeper into the various layers of your connective tissue where you will experience a gentle opening. This is where we stay for a while, between 3 – 5 minutes.

PHYSICALLY this space and passivity will allow you to reconnect with your body and your feeling sensations, so you can learn to distinguish the differences between MYOFASCIAL TENSION (the tension we hold in our muscles and fascial structures) and BONY COMPRESSION. This is useful if you practice Yoga or Pilates, where it is all about correct alignment for stabilization and consequently, further openings. You will get to know your body a lot better and become more confident with your PERSONAL MODIFICATION in certain family of poses. Getting to know yourself and your structures means that you know what you need and literally become empowered from the inside out.

PSYCHOLOGICALLY & ENERGETICALLY our work together will help you to feel more grounded and supported. It will plant the seeds of stillness and it’s unlimited potential for change: IT’S SAFE TO LET GO, SINK DEEPER AND BREATHE. Nothing more is being asked from you – which can be a huge relief for people who are very active and used to do “everything on their own”. As you find space to reconnect to the present tensions, there is someone there (me!) who reminds you of that you are being supported and that it’s Ok to let go. Things literally are allowed to free themselves through conscious awareness in time and this will make you, physically and psychologically, more flexible, lighter and efficient.

PASSIVE YIN YOGA increases your movement amplitude on a physical and mental level, will allow over time for greater flexibility and thereby improve your efficiency.


Inquiry / Bookings: Fascial Relaxation – Passive Yin

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Prices & Conditions: Fascial Relaxation – Passive Yin

1 Session = 60 minutes
Price: 65.- Euro

VIENNA/WIEN: Our Passive Yin Session will be held at Therapiezentrum GrĂ¼ngasse, 1050 Wien.

BADEN & SURROUNDINGS: Our Passive Yin Yoga Session can take place in the comfort of your home or in my own home studio close to Baden/Wien (yoga room & props available).

CANCELLATION POLICY: Latest cancellation is possible only until 24 HOURS PRIOR to the agreed date and time of session. Write an email, call, send a text. Short term cancellations later than the stated minimum period above will count as the session taken. Thank you for your understanding.

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