Formation & Diploma

Yin Yoga Wien - Yin Yoga Baden Formation DiplomaYin Yoga Wien - Yoga Alliance - Continuing Education Provider Formation Diploma


  • 2016 Dr. ROBERT SCHLEIP: FASCINATION FASCIA – Meaning of Myofascial Tissues in muscular/skeletal Medicine (Vienna)
  • 2016 TOM MYERS – Somato Emotional Release, Fascia in Movement, Fascial Release Techniques
  • 2015 YYTT3 (100 hours), PAUL GRILLEY – Fascia, Yoga Anatomy & Meditation (CA).
  • 2013 YYTT2 (100 hours), PAUL GRILLEY – Chakra Theroy, Meridians & Meditation (CA).
  • 2012 YYTT1 (100 hours), PAUL GRILLEY – Fascia, Yoga Anatomy & Meditation (CA).
  • 2012 Diploma Yoga Trance Dance & Yoga for pregnancy SHIVA REA (CA).
  • 2010 Diploma Core Strength Vinyasa SADIE NARDINI.
  • 2009 – 2012 Certification SHIVA REA (Prana Flow®) (CA).
  • 2009 Formation YOGA & AYURVEDA in Mysore (Karnataka, India).
  • 2006 PERMANENT RESIDENCY Neuseeland
  • 2006 DELE Diploma “Diploma de Español como lengua extranjera” (Nivel Intermediario).
  • 2003 Begin of a daily YOGA PRACTISE (Ashtanga, Vinyasa & Kundalini) & daily mat & equipment training Authentic PILATES (Anna Schrefl).
  • 2000 – 2006 DIGITAL DESIGNER & ART DIRECTOR “Agile Ntts” (London).
  • 1998 REIKI MASTER (3rd degree, Ursui).
  • Diploma & completion of studies of 3 kinesiological systems
    (Edu-K, Touch for Health, 3in1 Concepts – 600 hours).


Certification & Diploma

It´s not about what you acquire. It´s about the quality of the time you shared in doing so, your involvement of your heart and its guidance. Expertise comes from hours and hours of practicing & teaching that accumulate into weeks, months and years. Spontaneous insights that arise and guide you on.

Mastership comes from time that can only be sustained from a fully dedicated heart and soul. Or, as Arthur Schopenhauer put it: “In action a great heart is the chief qualification. In work, a great head.”

Yin Yoga with PAUL GRILLEY

Chiaradina Yin Yoga 300 hours formation diploma

“It´s been great to have you with us again. Thank you for all the links and extra information you bring to us and the class.”- Paul Grilley

Chiaradina is a 300 hours certified Yin Yoga teacher and has completed the two foundational modules, “ANATOMY & THEORY” ( skeletal variations and their role in posture and individual ability to embody certain asanas) in 2012/2015 and “CHAKRA THEORY & MEDITATION” in 2013.

Prana Flow® with SHIVA REA

Chiaradina Prana Flow 200 hours formation diploma

“Very very thorough. Wonderful focus & attention!” – Samudra School of Living Yoga

Chiaradina is a certified Prana Flow® Yoga teacher and has spent over 400 hours training with this Mahateacher. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certificate in Prana Flow® December 2011.

  • YOGA TRANCE DANCE (26 hours)
  • YOGINI SHAKTI (36 hours)
    Embodying the Goddess & Prenatal Teacher Training
  • PRANAFICATION – Sacred Training (60 hours)
  • MANDALA OF ASANAS (45 hours)
  • FLUID POWER (45 hours)
    Sequencing & Practices for Liberating the Flow
  • CHAKRA VINYASA (45 hours)
    Liberating the Body Mandala
  • EMBODYING THE FLOW (45 hours)
  • INDIA RETREAT, Kerala (40 hours)
    Ayurveda & Living Yoga Sadhana

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga mit SADIE NARDINI

Chiaradina Core Strength Vinyasa Flow formation diploma

“To be able to infuse technical knowledge with the transformational fires of tapas is something that only rarely teachers can do. And you can!

Chiaradina completed Sadie Nardini´s Online Teacher Training in 2010 when her mother suffered a stroke and this was the only way she could stay truly committed to her training as a teacher while tending to her family during a challenging family crisis.

Kinesiology, Anatomy & Reiki Diploma

Chiaradina previous studies (1993 – 1998) of the subtle human body (and how to balance it) in Los Angeles and Vienna have tremendously enriched her understanding of the energetic human anatomy and the general transcendental energy flow and exchange between holographic systems.

A Reiki master in the Usui system, she is also certified in 3 kinesiology systems (EDU-K, Touch for Health & Three in One Concepts) with a total of over 600 hours of training.


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