Passive Yin

Passive Yin

To be relaxed, freeing your potential – “Let go and find the Zen” – Passives Yin supports you with .. being completely passive and letting things happen!

Permission to dive deep! Learn more about Fascial Relaxation with PASSIVE YIN!

In our 60 minutes session together we will take our time to explore the 4 quadrants of your lower body, entering the various myofascial pathways and associated meridians as we gently work with them.

On a physical level the provided quiet space and your relaxed passivity allows for your immersion into feeling exactly what goes on in your body and mind.

On a mental and energetic level our work together assists you in feeling more grounded and supported: Its safe to let go, sinking deeper and to breathe. Nobody asks you to do anything in this moment – this can be challenging and at the same time a huge relief for people that usually have the feeling they need to do everything on their own!

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Client Feedback


“Everything under control! Because without control of all processes no successful business events. Final result: Fully concentrated from dusk to dawn. The persistent question lingers on: “Where can I finally release control?” I gave up on this topic after two Yoga courses that I needed to end due to physical pain. Amazing that there is a passive alternative! Chiaradina very often notices that muscles won´t release control, but always has something up her sleeve to trick them into relaxing. I am very happy to have such an able and competent companion on my journey.” – Andrea J.


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