Paul Grilley – Yin Yoga Theory in a nutshell!

Be clear about it: “Your Yoga” is YOUR Yoga! Even when the connection that you’re seeking – then that’s what yoga is all about – is unique and individual, it’s important to hold and essential quality as “drishti” – or focus – in your consciousness as you’re practicing

  • How can I seize my time in an optimal way?
  • Recognizing the areas that still need some work on the physical level (the body usually is very clear about that) – and being in the know where I can let go of the physical body and transferring my evolution to more subtle tiers of my being, where further growth will happen.
  • How can I become self-empowered in such a way that I learn to realize to distinguish clearly the tasks mentioned above so there is no room of indoctrination of someone else’s belief system from the outside when it comes to my own body and being?

I found clarity about this process of taking charge and being responsible for yourself through Paul Grilley’s revolutionary work. It stops the bowing down to – often questionable – ideals and idols and guides you gently towards a meek relationship to your higher self, atman, through your heart. In every being that we meet, Atman is present as Ishvara in the heart – and by the security WHERE the truth about our path rests, we will find the freedom that we have been longing for.

This light shines through the work of Suzee & Paul Grilley. Both of them “walk their talk”. Their singleheartedness and veracity, coupled with the essential message they are passing on to the world, has made me their student, connected to them in sincere love.

Yin Yoga softly leads you from the “rush” we currently experience in this age towards an inner, vibrant silence that teaches you to perceive and sense your openings. I am deeply convinced that each and every one of us is a self-determined being – self-responsible, not egoistic – which means we are holding the keys to the realisation of our lives within us. All it takes is to summon the strength to follow our guidance, letting go of our fear of failure, being responsible for the decisions we make. Then dogma will lose it’s grip on us. And we really, truly do need that in our modern age!

With love, for you – and for my teachers, Suzee & Paul Grilley!