Private Yin Yoga Classes

Private Yin Yoga classes


Consciousness, Evolution, Unity

No matter is you are an absolute beginner or an experienced Yoga practitioner: Continuous personal supervision and clarity about what you need to focus on in your yoga practice right now will support your personal evolution effectively.

Your private Yin Yoga class will be entirely tailored to your own needs: it can focus on ANATOMICAL TOPICS (as in specific problems with a certain pose or family of poses), SUBTLE STRUCTURES (meridians and marmas), BREATH EXERCISES (pranayama) and/or MEDITATION.

Your private Yin Yoga class will guide you through an intelligently designed sequence of helpful elements.


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Prices & Conditions: Private Yin Yoga Classes

VIENNA/WIEN: Our private Yin Yoga classes will be held at Therapiezentrum Grüngasse, 1050 Wien.

BADEN & SURROUNDINGS: Our Passive Yin Yoga Session can take place in the comfort of your home or in my own home studio close to Baden/Wien (yoga room & props available).

1 Session = 60 minutes
Price: 65.- Euro

Private Yin Yoga Classes in your own home:
No additional costs for clients from Baden & Bad Vöslau.

private yin yoga classes

Cancellation Policy:

Latest cancellation is possible only until 24 HOURS PRIOR to the agreed date and time of session. Write an email, call, send a text.

Short term cancellations later than the stated minimum period above will count as the session taken.

Thank you for your understanding.

private yin yoga classes

Special Offer 10-Pass Private Yin Yoga Classes

Pay a 10-Pass of private Yin Yoga classes in advance:

You receive 15.- Euros discount and get 1 additional private Yin Yoga class for free (+1!)

This 10-Pass is valid for 6 months after the first session taken.

private yin yoga classes

I am a passionate teacher and wholeheartedly support people who are hungry for change & improvement and are serious about it. Our time here is precious!

We obtain the best results if you are equally motivated and dedicated to our work as I am. Then success is on the way!


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