Yang Aspects of Yin Yoga

YIN YOGA WIEN Dynamik aus der Stille

When doing Yin, we enter the silence of new immer spaces. What how can an inner, wider space serve us if we do no bring our guidance and inspiration outward?

Here’s where the dynamic aspects of Yin Yoga come into play: out of stillness, dynamic movement – to bring our potential outward – knowing, that what we have discovered internally wants to be rediscovered, experienced on the outside, in fact, needs to be found!

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The Squat Song – Denise Kaufman

Yin Yoga Denise Kaufman

Ready, set, squat!

The Squat Song is all about .. “squatting” – right! “To get down to it” and squat is barely happening in the modern, western world. Sitting on chairs and lounging on couches has sacrificed not only to be in contact with the healing energies of Mother Earth and our roots, but also neglects our sacroiliac joint and the healthy workout it gets by squatting!
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Paul Grilley – Yin Yoga Theory in a nutshell!

YIN YOGA WIEN Paul Suzee Grilley

Be clear about it: “Your Yoga” is YOUR Yoga! Even when the connection that you’re seeking – then that’s what yoga is all about – is unique and individual, it’s important to hold and essential quality as “drishti” – or focus – in your consciousness as you’re practicing

  • How can I seize my time in an optimal way?
  • Recognizing the areas that still need some work on the physical level (the body usually is very clear about that) – and being in the know where I can let go of the physical body and transferring my evolution to more subtle tiers of my being, where further growth will happen.
  • How can I become self-empowered in such a way that I learn to realize to distinguish clearly the tasks mentioned above so there is no room of indoctrination of someone else’s belief system from the outside when it comes to my own body and being?

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