The Squat Song – Denise Kaufman

Ready, set, squat!

The Squat Song is all about .. “squatting” – right! “To get down to it” and squat is barely happening in the modern, western world. Sitting on chairs and lounging on couches has sacrificed not only to be in contact with the healing energies of Mother Earth and our roots, but also neglects our sacroiliac joint and the healthy workout it gets by squatting!

“Down there” – at the root of our being – we find clarity about the foundational topics of our lives! Plus, if we free up this – in the digital age – neglected joint, we also find the freedom that we all so desperately need “down there” at the foundation of our being. The Squat song is a healing anthem to .. yes, squatting!

So what are you waiting for? “Let´s get down to it!” – Squat everywhere!

The Squat Song - Denise Kaufman
MMy first Yin Yoga Teacher, Denise Kaufman, who not only taught me to respect and love yin, but also connected me to her friends Paul & Suzee Grilley! Thank you – I am grateful Denise, forever!

Denise’s website :
“We invite you to reclaim your squatter’s rights – your birthright to a healthy spine and a life free from back pain.

Our philosophy is simple: the squatting position is one of the most beneficial shapes for human beings. In cultures where squatting is common and chairs are almost unknown, chronic back pain is rare and even the elders are fluid and limber. Contrast that with the United States, where we spend more than $86 billion per year on the diagnosis and treatment of back pain.

Our mission is to diminish (or even eliminate!) the time we spend sitting in chairs and for people everywhere to enjoy the benefits and blessings of squatting.”

More about Denise´s work here:

Denise teaches @ EXHALE on Main in Venice, CA