Yang Aspects of Yin Yoga

When doing Yin, we enter the silence of new immer spaces. What how can an inner, wider space serve us if we do no bring our guidance and inspiration outward?

Here’s where the dynamic aspects of Yin Yoga come into play: out of stillness, dynamic movement – to bring our potential outward – knowing, that what we have discovered internally wants to be rediscovered, experienced on the outside, in fact, needs to be found!

During my first Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul & Suzee Grilley in 2012 I was given the gift of experiencing the depth and power of this simple sequence of yoga asanas with my own body and soul. Things can be simple AND powerful!

“Golden Seed” teaches us to get in touch with, a feeling for our “Chi” as we move it in this sacred dance around and through our body. Suddenly, shifting gear and focus becomes easy. We can direct our awareness from the physical body into deeper layers of our body where we become able to “sense” and reflect. It’s an excellent way to discover how “Chi” (sanskrit:” Prana”) moves and what kind of effect it has on the body.

Many of my students start to sweat despite the fact that we do no cardio-vascular activity whatsoever! Heat is generated through the movement of Chi! We literally can get in touch with the power of our focus and awareness and how much energy we can free up by being deliberately slow as we consciously move!

This fresh discovery will stay with us as we move through the other dynamic yang aspects of Yin Yoga: “Warrior” and “Flying Dragon”!

And with this knowledge and experience, every movement we make holds the potential to be “Yoga”!