Yin Yoga Poetry – The Yin Yoga Rap!

Yin Yoga poetry! Our Yin Yoga Rap created itself out of respect for our teachers during our YYTT1 at Land of Medicine Buddha, Soquel 2012!

Yin Yoga Poetry - Der Yin Yoga Rap
Yin Yoga is a lot of fun – especially if we take our practice seriously! My colleagues Julie and Corinne as dynamic midwives of the Yin Yoga Rap!

Paul and Suzee — Blessings 2 you

Can’t touch your toes? It’s not your fault
it’s actually compression
that brings you to a halt
Be it panda or knights — just listen deep(ly)
hey dude!! — its not that you’re a creep!!!

you wanna work your stocking so you never stop rocking
once your sacrum lies flat you wanna A.O.K that

what is nutation — we wanna know!!
it keeps your body in the flow
what does it take us to be free?
how should the body be?
DK — DC!
Paul and Suzee — Blessings 2 you