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Welcome to Yin Yoga Wien!

Yin Yoga Wien offers you various possibilities to rediscover and integrate the quiet side of life. Yin Yoga is a simple (yet very versatile) style of Yoga that builds a bridge between the practise of YOGA ASANA and MEDITATION.

The physical practise of Yoga asana originated in monasteries that were focused on meditation: The practise of Yoga Posture aimed at keeping the body stable yet flexible and the mind free from distractions – thereby enabling long hours of meditation.

In our modern times, Yin Yoga gathers people from all “Walks of Life”: Be it mental work (such as programming/IT or meditation) or working with the subtle energies of the body – Yin Yoga teaches you that your body is part of the equation: one (literally), that simply cannot be ignored! If you’re mainly focusing on physical productivity and/or effort and it’s hard for you to relax holistically, Yin teaches you that silence and being still lifts your performance potential as well as your flexibility to new heights – on a physical and mental level .

YIN YOGA WIEN offers you:


Permission to arrive and simply relax!


Practice at home or in a group setting.


Yin Yoga Wien Fascia
What you always wanted to know about fascia!


Understanding the workings of your body & improve your Yoga or training.


Awesome, that you were guided here and found me! I hope I can share my enthusiasm about Yin and everything it has to offer! Enjoy rediscovering your Self and your journey!

From my heart – Namasté

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Yin Yoga Classes

Yin Yoga classes

Yin Yoga classes allow you to flow immersed in the supportive energies of like-minded people who are willing to give their best.

What we do appears simple from the outside. But there is more to Yin that meets the eye!

Our main focus is on getting to know ourselves – inside and out.

Yin Yoga classes for you:

Yin Yoga classes BADEN
Yin Yoga classes FREE

When practised diligently, Yin Yoga will not only work on your fascia but also challenge you to consciously allow, observe or influence your mental and emotional state.

Simple outward forms of asana practice, yet a profound inner experience of Yoga.

Client Feedback

Yin Yoga Classes Baden Client Feedback
“There is power in stillness! Rest in the moment and enjoy, even if arriving may take a little longer! Yin Yoga with Chiaradina is synonymous with freedom: Feeling spacious, to unfold, finding – & allowing for some time, being individual… these things and much more happens in a class. Yin Yoga with Chiaradina is far more than what I heard on the internet, television or magazines: she offers information and knowledge about life, her global travels and from different people – you can feel this with every fiber of your heart and that makes her classes unique. Many, many thanks for all that I was able to assimilate so far – looking forward to all that’s coming! I feel honored to learn with you and from you!” – Conny R.

Yin Yoga Klassen Wien Feedback KundInnen

“Thank you for your very precise, mindful, loving and wonderfully humorous teachings – especially for perceiving & adressing every student´s needs individually! A big, personal commitment you bring to class and your students! Regarding matters beyond the physical body your teachings are irreplaceable. You are especially gifted to transfer that and we´re lucky that your´re sharing so openly with others!” – Sibylla H.

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Passive Yin

Passive Yin

To be relaxed, freeing your potential – “Let go and find the Zen” – Passives Yin supports you with .. being completely passive and letting things happen!

Permission to dive deep! Learn more about Fascial Relaxation with PASSIVE YIN!

In our 60 minutes session together we will take our time to explore the 4 quadrants of your lower body, entering the various myofascial pathways and associated meridians as we gently work with them.

On a physical level the provided quiet space and your relaxed passivity allows for your immersion into feeling exactly what goes on in your body and mind.

On a mental and energetic level our work together assists you in feeling more grounded and supported: Its safe to let go, sinking deeper and to breathe. Nobody asks you to do anything in this moment – this can be challenging and at the same time a huge relief for people that usually have the feeling they need to do everything on their own!

Book your PASSIVE YIN session now!

Client Feedback


“Everything under control! Because without control of all processes no successful business events. Final result: Fully concentrated from dusk to dawn. The persistent question lingers on: “Where can I finally release control?” I gave up on this topic after two Yoga courses that I needed to end due to physical pain. Amazing that there is a passive alternative! Chiaradina very often notices that muscles won´t release control, but always has something up her sleeve to trick them into relaxing. I am very happy to have such an able and competent companion on my journey.” – Andrea J.


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Yin Yoga Wien: Chiaradina

May I introduce myself? Chiaradina!

Yoga is my life! – Welcome to Yin Yoga Wien!

I am a wholeheartedly passionate Yoga teacher and understand the art of Yoga as a “living prayer”: all our actions (that are usually based on thoughts, feelings and intentions) are a vivid expression of the consciousness we hold.

To me, it is not what we are doing – and by that I mean how advanced or challenging our asana practice gets – but more how we are doing it: what kind of energy are we infusing our practice – or in general – our movements with? Are we devotional? Are we present and aware?

Yin Yoga Wien - Yoga Alliance - Continuing Education Provider

Can we move in such a way that our gestures, posture, demeanor become unique to us and are felt in the present moment no matter how often we have executed this specific movement?

The essential goal of either the physical practice of asanas or meditation (as a mediating process of communication between specific levels of our being) is quite simple: They enable us to enter the realization of self-respect, humility, infinite love and gratitude that will shape the experience of the greater whole always serving us – same as we serve life – as long as we are striving to move from center and live a heart-centered existence, keeping the communication and exchange with our divine guidance vibrant and down to earth!

That’s the foundation for a self-empowered, spiritual life.

Let´s yoke it guys, let´s yoga! – Let the Yin Zen you!


Teacher Feedback:

YIN YOGA WIEN - YOGA BADEN - Chiaradina Teacher Feedback
“Chiaradina, congratulations for passing the Final with flying colors, and blowing me away with your in-depth understanding of this style, and yoga in general. I think yours is the most synthesised comprehension, on a mental, physical and spiritual level of any teacher I have trained. You have managed to import a sense of fun, flow and play what could otherwise be a thoroughly informational, yet dry understanding of the way the body works. To be able to infuse technical knowledge with the transformational fires of tapas is something that only rarely teachers can do.
And you can. I am honored to certify you in this style and look forward to the wonderful things you will continue to do with your students as you move forward from here!”
– Sadie Nardini

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Yin Yoga Wien Contact – get connected!

Yin Yoga Wien Contact


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